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Eight Tips to Make New Friends in a New Community

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Moving to a 55+ community?  Leaving behind old friends behind seems daunting for many retirees as they contemplate moving to a 55+ neighborhood. But the pros outweigh the cons.

Jensen Communities attract a wide variety of residents so there will be other residents who share common interests and hobbies. It’s easier to make new friends when you share a common pastime.

Eight Ways to Make New Friends in your New Community

New friendships are a proven way to combat loneliness and isolation for retirees. Just remember that every resident of your new community was once a new resident too. Friendships ensure your retirement will be a rewarding part of your life.

1. Develop an open mind.
Visualize new friendships in your new community. With lots of residents within a 55+ community, you’re sure to meet people who share common interests and hobbies with you.

2. Take walks around the neighborhood.
Taking a walk is a great way to meet your neighbors. Walk at different times of the day too — you’ll meet other people who walk and meet neighbors out in their yards.

3. Attend community events.
Community events offer a perfect opportunity to meet other residents with similar interests. From needlework and bingo to exercise and bunco, you’ll find your favorite activities or learn something new while making lasting friendships.

4. Don’t feel shy.
There’s no need to feel shy about meeting new people at a Jensen Community. Every resident moved from the house where they raised their family to their new community because they believed a 55+ communities offered more. You’re no different; just introduce yourself and make new friends.

5. Don’t say “No.”
If someone invites you to do something, don’t refuse. Having lunch with a group of new people might seem daunting, but by the end of lunch, you’ll be sorting out who is who and learning their names.

6. Volunteer.
Volunteer your talents, whether it’s cooking for a potluck or knitting caps for the local cancer treatment center, volunteering helps new residents meet new people and become a valued member of their new community.

7. Smile.
Other people are attracted to relaxed, happy people. Don’t hide your smile.

8. Invite people over.
Ask your next-door neighbors over for coffee and cookies. Host a breakfast brunch for a few neighbors. The easiest way to make friends is “to be a friend.”

New friends await you when you move to a Jensen Community.

Posted by Anne Martino on
Be sure to go over to meet and greet your new neighbors when they move in.
Posted by Anne Martino on
Be sure to go over to meet and greet your new neighbors when they move in.
Posted by EllVionia on
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